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Interior Designing is a thought process and a way of life, that requires specialised skills to develop and execute . We follow the below processes in delivering effective Residential Interior Designing Services.


We kick-off the project by getting to know the client and their expectations. Based on the input received and deciphered, a perfect plan on the expectations is developed and mapped to realistic outcomes.


The next step is space planning which maps the range of service flow along with the furnishing needed to be done respectively. We are passionate about working on custom designs and planning the space efficiently based on customer expectations. A blueprint is developed subsequently.


After the client is convinced that we are the - best interior designers in Bangalore and signs up formally; we take physical measurements and list out specific challenges based on the site condition. The Layout is developed post site mapping.


The plan is further developed at our Labs by adding furnitures and fixtures, positioning the same keeping in mind ease off the movement of the occupants. Number of residents normally expected to reside in the space is a critical input element for better ergonomic designs.


Next, the need for artificial lighting to complement the natural light sources are mapped out and the client intimated for wiring and allied changes with the cost component.


Flooring, creation of partition, Counter-top changes are next mapped out and included in the design framework.


After that, we decide on colors which specifies what shades you want to be used in each room. Clients color selection is preferred up to 3 colors so that clients find it easier to try the different color schemes by using variations and become accustomed to them.

Based on the above, we gather a color patchwork that specifies your choice of material also. At a subsequent stage, we start with the walls that represent the main source of color for your specific room. Wallpapers can also be selected, which can be of neutral tones to highlight colors being used anywhere else. If the room is required to look larger, brighter colors are selected and contrasted with the wall and ceilings. Thereafter, we consider the floor which determines the patchwork material you want to cover to your floor and which suits a floor color that contrasts with the wall colors.


After that, the furnitures are positioned and we add finishing touches by keeping the color balance without cluttering the shapes and using decorative objects. Afterward, we prioritize the artificial lighting which is an important concept of interior design by shaping the spaces in the room that creates the right ambiance.

At last, we adopt a style called; own your style which is defined by experimenting and observing at the things from a typical point of view. Urban Living Designs is one of the best interior designers in Bangalore. The web is a great source of pictorial resources with the qualities of professional photographers and for interior designers: have a look around and get inspired.

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