In order to help us deliver “Customer Delights”, We don’t Welcome Clients who fall into the following categories…
  • Bargains without core Values

    Someone who bargains beyond any logic and treats the whole process of designing as a unimportant work and credits due to us is not acknowledged…

  • High Expectations Vs Small Budgets

    A client who “downloads” a image and wants its implementation without understanding the efforts and cost involved…

  • Limited Minds without Valuing the Efforts

    Someone who just interacts with us to get the designs with paying for the effort and time…Design hoppers…our time can be better utilized by clients who understand our genuine efforts and willing to pay for it…

  • Slow Paying Client without strong commitments

    Someone who delays payment and treats payment request as a "charity work"… After all, We are building "his" home interiors…

  • Unlimited Comparison with low quality designs

    Customers who wants world class design and products, but compares with manual carpentry cost… We trust the value addition we bring in, and We are proud of the same. So we expect to get paid accordingly…

  • Who asks best for less

    Your price is much more than the guy at the corner…Sir, We know many corners where the price is peanuts, But We know that our work cannot be replicated by any corner…You can make your choice…

When do we say no?


When it's really not feasible for us to take on more work. Too many projects equals not enough time to do my best for everyone which equals rework or dissatisfied clients.


When the work required is outside our area of expertise, Some will say you can do it but we always prefer expertize in the area we are into.


When the customer’s desires aren’t realistic. After a change in direction or design of our product, certain customers might be upset and disoriented. You will probably be met with requests to “go back to the old look” or to “change it back”. Unfortunately, these demands aren’t realistic.


When we just can't convince yourself to like them. Not everyone gets along with everyone, and when we work for a company, we will come into contact with clients. If you've tried working with them, thinking, maybe it will get better, and it hasn't, it may be time to break up.


We refuse to do or to deliver something our customers request; it does not mean we do not want to do this. This is just something our company does not provide.


When a customer asks for a perk or discount that we can't honor for other customers, We don’t want the news getting around that our company practices aren’t fair.